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C#-Visual Basic Bilingual Dictionary

by Tim Patrick • Published May 2015

C#-Visual Basic Bilingual Dictionary

Built on Microsoft's powerful .NET Framework, C# and Visual Basic are complete equals in terms of coding power and application development possibilities. In today's multi-platform environment, an understanding of both languages is a job requirement. The C#-Visual Basic Bilingual Dictionary unifies the languages by providing clear, functional equivalents for all syntax and grammar differences.

  • Complete coverage of all language keywords. Nearly 900 dictionary-like entries cover every Visual Basic and C# keyword and grammar feature, including VB's "My" namespace.
  • Examples in both languages. Hundreds of code samples in both C# and Visual Basic make translations between the languages clear and easy to understand.
  • Full support for Roslyn. Each chapter covers the latest language features from Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft's "Roslyn" compiler.

Whether you work on a team that uses both languages, or just need to understand a technical article written in that "other" language, the C#-Visual Basic Bilingual Dictionary is an essential resource for developers crafting Microsoft software solutions.

Now Available!

In time for the release of Visual Studio 2015, you can now purchase this essential resource, in paperback or ebook format.


Visit the errata page for this book to see a list of corrections that were identified after the book went to print.

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