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Errata in Book Content

Chapter 6, Page 115. In Table 6-6, the Integer, Long, and Short entries include examples with decimals. For example, The Integer entry includes 123.45I as an example. The example text should be 123I instead, with no decimal portion, and the other integer examples should be changed in a similar manner.

Chapter 7, Page 149. In the bullet point list just after Figure 7-7, the last point says that you can "hand-modify the InitializeComponents routine." This should refer to "the InitializeComponent routine" instead, without the final "s".

Chapter 8, Page 188. In the "Null Propogation Operator" section, in one of the last code examples just before the "Summary" section, there is a code line that reads:
   If (customerRecord = Nothing) Then
This line should, instead, read as follows:
   If (customerRecord Is Nothing) Then

Chapter 11, Page 241. In the "Authentication Support" section, in the last paragraph before adding Snippet Item 1, the reference to the GeneralCode module should refer to the General module instead.

Chapter 11, Page 246. In the "Managing Security Groups" section, just after Figure 11-1, the instructions tell you to add two TextBox controls to the Group Name form surface. You only need to add a single TextBox control to that form.

Chapter 13, Page 287. In the "XML Schemas" section, near the end of the first paragraph, the sentence that begins with "It's widely support by..." should start with "It's widely supported by..." instead.

Chapter 13, Page 302. In the last entry of Table 13-1, which describes the property settings for the Select Report form itself, the following property setting should be included in the list of properties:
   Size: 425, 376

Chapter 14, Page 315. In the "My.Settings" section, in the last code block in that section, the next to last code line reads:
   My.Setttings.SettingsUpgraded = True
This line should, instead, read as follows:
   My.Settings.SettingsUpgraded = True

Chapter 16, Page 343. Just after Figure 16-1, in the code block that shows the SomeClass(Of T) class, the word "transormation" in the code's lone comment should read "transformation" instead.

Chapter 16, Page 345. In the "Data Type and Interface Constraints" section, in the very last paragraph of that section, the text "include its own As class" should read "include its own As clause" instead.

Chapter 16, Page 349. In the "Iterators" section, in the GetBillFaces function declaration, the smallOnly parameter should be declared as a Boolean instead of as an Integer.

Chapter 18, Page 408. In the "WPF and XAML" section, in the XAML content for the window containing the rainbow button, the opening lines of that content read:
   <Window x:Class="Window1"
     Title="Window1" Height="160" Width="411">

These lines should be replaced with the following:
   <Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.MainWindow"
     Title="MainWindow" Height="160" Width="411">

Chapter 21, Page 480. In the "Supplying Custom Data Sources" section, in the third paragraph, the sentence that starts with "It's location will vary..." should begin with "Its location will vary..." instead.

Errata in Sample Code Download

NOTE: The following issues with the downloadable sample code were corrected in the August 1, 2016 update to the download. If you obtained the sample code before that date, be aware of the following issues, or download a fresh copy of the sample code.

Code snippets for Chapter 22. Although the text for Chapter 22 identifies 16 code snippets, you will find 17 code snippets for that chapter in Visual Studio. The snippet identified as "Item 16" appears in error. You should ignore this snippet. When the chapter indicates that you should insert Snippet Item 16, use Snippet Item 17 instead.

Code error in BarcodeLabel.vb. Starting with the Chapter 18 Before version of the BarcodeLabel.vb file, there is an error in the PrepareFormFields method. In the "Load in the record" portion of that method, you will find the following code line.
   If (RecordUnits.SelectedIndex = -1) Then RecordUnits.Items.IndexOf(-1&)
That line should, instead, read as follows:
   If (RecordTemplate.SelectedIndex = -1) Then RecordTemplate.Items.IndexOf(-1&)

Code error in ReportSelect.vb. Starting with the Chapter 21 After version of the RecordSelect.vb file, there is an error in the BasicReportMissing method. In the "Check for no data" portion of that method, you will find a literal string that contains this text:
   No items are overdue.
That literal string should, instead, read as follows:
   No items are missing.
Code Snippet Item 9 for Chapter 21 also includes this error.

Reporting Errata

To report additional errata for this book, send an email to author Tim Patrick.

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